About a mutual aid society of migrant bound for another regions

About a mutual aid society of migrant bound for another regions

The foundation is conducting supporting businesses enabling migrant people to departure and work in a safe and healthy manner as follows

dekasegiContents of businesses

  • Accident ex gratia payments for the member or the bereaved when the member suffered hurt or killed in an unexpected accident
  • Publication of pamphlet to call member’s attention for safety and healthy work during employment period
  • Setting of the monthly campaign for healthy and safety work in cooperation with executive authorities
  • Publication of statistical documentation containing facts and findings surrounding migrants, various measures supporting them by concerned organizations
  • Lending part of unpaid wages for members


Informations to migrant workers. Preparation before departure

  • Receiving an introduction card of a job placement office
  • Receiving a notebook for migrant worker containing useful and necessary information from job placement office before the departure
  • Filing application to become a member of a mutual aid society at a municipal office in case of unexpected accidents and diseases


Every one can file application when he/she migrates for at least 1 month and for less than 1 year on the premise that he/she has domicile in Iwate and enrolles in Basic Resident Register, with resistered foreigners eligible as well

Annual fee is \1,200 per person

Payment amount of money
Death ex gratia payment¥500,000
Sickness and wound ex gratia payment¥30,000~100,000
Severe disability ex grata payment¥300,000
Fire ex gratia payment¥200,000
Cost for filing application for a treatment certificateUp to the extent of ¥2,000
The bereaved travel expenses¥8,000~30,000
Payment for advance wageUp to the extent of ¥70,000
  • Filing application for a continued membership is recommendable, prior to departure, if present membership is expired during a work period
  • Having a physical checkup is recommendable
  • Paying attention to the physical condition,making use of the physical checkup
  • Making sure of a working condition of the company of which you hope to take an interview